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Beaches of Cambrils

Cap de Sant Pere Beach

This beach is one of the most famous on the holiday resort. Here the sailing school is located. The beach is around 800 meters long and 30 meters wide.

El Cavet Beach

This place is not busy even at the height of the season. The beach is also located near Cambrils but a little far from the center of the city. The beach is around 700 meters long and 20 meters wide.

L’Ardiaca Beach

A very quiet place protected by breakwaters what makes Ardiaca beach an awesome place for family pastime in all weather. The length of the dene is more than one kilometer and a half, and the width is about sixty meters. The beach is located in the semi-urban region which is also an advantage for those who prefer quiet pastimes. Children’s playgrounds will keep kids entertained for hours. Showers and changing rooms are also available on the beach.

L’Esquirol Beach

A very nice beach that will suit all vacationers since it is equipped with all necessary facilities. Changing rooms, showers and toilets are available here. The beach is 900 meters long and 400 meters wide.

L’Horta de Santa María Beach

This is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Cambrils. As the season begins, the life starts boiling here. The yacht club situated nearby also attracts vacationers. You will find children’s playgrounds where they can have fun as well as playgrounds for beach volleyball fans. Horta Santa Maria beach is not very long; its length is only a half kilometer nevertheless it is wide enough (about fifty meters).


La Llosa Beach

It stretches one kilometer along the seashore. The beach is wide enough and slopes gradually into the sea. It’s a happy hunting ground for fans of sea-voyages and water sports since here they can set off in motor boat cruise. Cutters, sailing-vessels and catamarans are available as well. There are lots of beach bars and cafes offering dishes for little kids. Sand is mixed with small pebbles. Besides, the beach is well equipped and adapted for people with disabilities. The seashore here is very calm with only quiet sound of waves. There are various guiding signs and lifeguard service.

Prat d’En Fores i Regueral Beach

This beach is an ideal place for fans of active pastimes. It is suitable both for kids and adults as there is a children’s play area and an area for beach volleyball. Water sport activities are popular here, experienced instructors will for instance teach you windsurfing. But if you wish, you can always try your skills by yourself. The beach is less than one kilometer long and around eighty meters wide.


Vilafortuny Beach

This beach is located at a respectful distance from the center of the city; its length is one and a half kilometer. You will find numerous bars and restaurants alongside the beach as well as playgrounds for volleyball players and places for kids where they can have fun.

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