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Ferrari Land Salou


In the Catalan tourist city of Salou, April 2017 was remembered for the opening of the Ferrari Land theme park, which became an organic continuation of the famous attractions of Port Aventura. The park is relatively small. Its streets, replete with copies of the iconic structures of Italy, can be covered in half an hour, if you do not stop at an Italian restaurant, in numerous cafes or fast food restaurants. But children between the ages of 10 and 50 forget about time and jump into the games dedicated to the cult car brand.

The main attraction, with the name of the Red Force speaking for itself, is a vertical accelerator in Europe with free fall, the highest (112 meters) and the fastest in Europe, accelerating to 180 km / h in 5 seconds . Three more main attractions are designed for desperate extreme lovers:

  • Tower of free fall of 55 meters;
  • Rebound tower that mimics the operation of the piston;
  • Race track circuit.
  • The fifth attraction belongs to the family and is called Whip Ride.

Fans of a more relaxed holiday can play in simulators, watch car models and visit the Ferrari brand museum, evaluate the company store and the souvenir shops of the Park. In any case, pleasure is guaranteed!