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Bosc Aventura

The Bosc Aventura amusement park has been opened since 2011. More than 8,000 square meters of fun and experiences await visitors. You will get unforgettable emotions. The park has a variety of rope tracks, descents, steep mountains to climb, you can play paintball and other active games. Nobody will get bored, because the entertainment is designed for different ages and interests of the guests. You can climb to a height of 10 meters, which is impressive, and you can travel a short distance from the ground. The tracks differ in the level of difficulty but do not require special preparation. You can learn the basics of climbing in a team with an experienced trainer. Who knows, maybe these are the first steps to the top of the world? There is a large picnic area where you can relax in front of the next route, enjoy drinks, desserts or snacks from vending machines. You can rent a place for the company, where in a pleasant atmosphere you can relax and share the impressions of a bright holiday.