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Aquum Spa La Pineda

aqum spa de la pineda

aqum spa de la pineda



Aquum Spa La Pineda,  you can relax in the extensive Spa Aquum Spa, dive into the healing waters, which are a real source of health and longevity. The water complex has 650 square meters of space and 150 types of unique devices and technological structures to help relax and unwind. There are 3 recreation areas available for visitors:

  • Spa Aquum. Here you can find artificial waterfalls, hydrodynamic flows, underwater jets, hot tubs and many pools;
  • Aquum club. In this area, a person can soak in contrasting pools with hot and cold water, which is extremely beneficial for the body. Enjoy relaxing music therapy and a mini-course of infrared treatment. It also has its own Zen meditation room, where vacationers can taste incredibly tasty tea and experience the positive influence of Eastern contemplation practice;
  • Aquum Wellness. It is here that you can take care of your external condition, give your skin a fresh and healthy look thanks to the cosmetics of famous and popular brands.

In the Spa Aquum on the Costa Dorada, you can absorb the strength and positive energy of the water, as well as improve your physical and mental state.