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Roman amphitheatre in Tarragona

A few hundred meters from the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, in a city with ancient history, Tarragona, the Roman amphitheater with a capacity of more than 12 thousand people was built in the end of the second century AD. During the reign of Heliogabalus, at the beginning of the third century AD, various reforms have been carried out in the amphitheater. To commemorate this fact, the podium was crowned by monumental inscription, many fragments of which still remain. This arena saw many bloody battles and even executions. January 21 in 259, due to the persecution of Christians during the reign of the Emperor Valerian, were burnt alive in the arena of the amphitheater bishop of the city, Fructuoso and his deacons, Omen’s and Eulogio, and so every year on the 21 of January tarragontsy lit in churches candles as a tribute memory of these saints. Amphitheatre is an important part of the museum complex, which is called the History Museum of Tarragona.